In 1880, Robert and Mary Edgar purchased 160 acres in Cato Township, Lakeview, MI. They moved from Stratford, Ontario with their three children, Oliver, Blanche, and Jessie.Besides clearing the land, they built a red brick home….now known as the Edgar farm house. That is what is so exciting about the Edgar farm, the house and buildings were built by the family.


Jessie remained single and farmed the 160 acres with two hired men. At times she had over 100 sheep, dairy, beef and horses along with growing crops such as corn, wheat, and dry beans. Jessie loved to throw parties and Fran plans to carry on that tradition. Blanche married George Robert Arbogast and had one son, Robert, Fran’s father. The Arbogast farm also remains in the family and is designated as a centennial farm.


Brandon, Fran’s son and who farms the land, is 5th generation along with his mother, Frances K. Arbogast Carlson (4th generation). Dry beans is their speciality crop along with corn and wheat.


Today, as you enter the Edgar farm house, you will go back in time with pictures of the family who once lived there. It has been Fran’s dream for many years to restore the home into its original character. Fran also loves cooking and having parties where everyone will save those special memories…keeping the Edgar & Arbogast tradition.


Since, the Edgar farm has been in the family for over 100 years, it is now a Michigan Centennial farm.